Lifefulness Coaching | Who is running the show? Raising your awareness of the Saboteur
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Who is running the show? Raising your awareness of the Saboteur

Who is running the show? Raising your awareness of the Saboteur

Spotting the Saboteur, bring it to life and neutralize it in a 45-minute coaching session.

I have a confession to make, I did foster the presumptuous though that, as a coach, I could outsmart limiting beliefs. Well I have to think about this all over again. As a coach, Imay think that I have the Tools of the Trade to spot the Saboteurwhen he’s approaching,so that I can be ready to whack it (as it deserves) before it causes any harm …ha! Not quite …
My Saboteur is devious. It runs the show leaving me like the most passive of the spectators looking at my life without feeling any power. This past weekend my Saboteur came in the form of a 110º heatwave. Three full days of three digit-temperature caused me to give up on my outdoor plans and kept me inside feeling miserable about not “getting stuff done”. It didn’t occur to me the Saboteur was running the show this past weekend until I asked my coach to explore the topic of “Ways I sabotage my productivity”. It’s such a fascinating concept and it happens over and over again in my coaching sessions as the coachee: I focus on the topic, I get clarity, I make connections, I come out on the other end with a sound awareness of what is going on.

So, the weekend came and went with no work done on my projects. Even the best of intentions can be incapacitated bythe total lack of energy and motivation. No motivation equals no focus which results in no progress made on my weekend projects. I kept asking myself “why do I feel this way?” “what is going on?” what I really should have asked is “who is running the show here?”. You see, I had no idea. I am so used to think that “I am the cause and the effect” of whatever situation is running my life. Sometimes I have a really hard time with discerning the victim from the perpetrator. I actually don’t even feel like a victim and for sure I don’t realize there is a perpetrator in charge, little I knew about separating myself from that perpetrator. That myself I experienced was clearly not the best part of me, she was not the part of me that strives to be in “my Element”.
Whomever was in charge this past weekend sure loves to blame and complain, has no patience and definitely has no compassion. It’s a part of me that gets frustrated if things don’t go as planned, you may call it a very inflexible part. That part came shining into light during my coaching session today. You can call it a true “Ah-ha” moment. It’s one of those moments that never stops to surprise me, although I had quite a few of them during my coaching experience while being the person coached. It’s a door that opens up, the light that shines through and all of a sudden, a connection fires between two things you would have never put together otherwise. So, today the connection was made between the “feeling miserable” about a wasted weekend and the Saboteur running that show. The connection immediately broughta sense of release and found inner peace: what a relief, it wasn’t really me … the true, deeply rooted and grounded me, the enlightened me … the me in my Element.
One additional thing I learned today is that feeling guilty does not help, neither does commiserating. Compassion can play an important role in days like this past weekend. Mix some compassion with self-care, add some grounding time (alone time does it for me) and you have found the ingredients to boost your best self and weaken your Saboteur. That’s when you start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It wasn’t my experience but I know better now: awareness is awakening.
The Saboteur has one less chance to overpower my days now. When does your Saboteur show up and … is itrunning the show?There are ways you can spot it and bring it to life. Trust me.

Angela Migliaccio – Co-Active Coach – Lifefulness Coaching
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