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Thank you for visiting my website, my name is Angela Migliaccio. I have been in the Corporate world for over 20 years as a Leader, Manager, Mentor and Coach.
I have the experience of a global leader across 2 Continents: the “old” and “new” world. The hectic and competitive life of the Corporation is fast paced and can lead even the most balanced human being to instability and burnout. My goal in life and at work has always been to find my own element, the most natural state of being. Being in Your Element is being aligned with what most matters to you, embodying the integrity of a compassionate and caring leader. I find true satisfaction in enabling others to find their element, that inner balance from which to express with their full potentials, at work and in their personal life. This is the essence of my coaching as service to the world.

My journey as a corporate leader has been focused on finding the competencies that are most truthful to who I am as a person, with my values and principles. This natural leadership is found inside each one of us: it’s what I call “Your Element”. When we live and work from that core element we make powerful choices, we make choices aligned with what we care about the most. As a global leader at IBM I have led teams across all Continents and connected with people around the world moved by the purpose of direct and honest communication. I believe in leadership expressed by creating personal connections, by respecting other people’s ideas, culture and costumes.

I have a genuine interest in helping people find that authentic life that resonates with their biggest dreams and goals. I am committed to helping leaders and entrepreneurs live and lead from their unique element, whatever that element may represent for each person. I am in my truest element when I am coaching clients to connect with their most powerful selves, their inner most meaningful leader. I know how it feels to live a life out of alignment; it lacks strength, clarity, and fulfillment. I also know the way to guide you back to that purpose, vision and inspiration.

I love to connect and inspire. I believe in mind, body, spirit alignment in the way we show up into the world every day, how we interact with one another and in what we do. What breaks my heart is a life lived in black and white instead of vibrant colors, there is no aliveness in settling for “business as usual”, “by default”. Let’s explore together new, uncharted paths with courage and determination.

I have all the requisite education and experience you’d expect in your business and personal life coach, including a University degree in Computer Science, years of mastering Leadership at IBM, Co-Active Coaching School at the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and a Certification as a Personal Trainer, as alignment and balance start with the body.

Are you ready to start the journey to finding Your Element? Grab a spot now on Angela’s calendar. Let’s do it together!

Angela Migliaccio

Co-Active Coach

+1 (408) 390-4855



When connected with your inner strength, life has deep meaning and the people around you will notice the shift. You will find yourself:

Being in your element is like a spark of electricity to make you feel alive, invincible and connected. It’s the highest state of who you are, and the good news is, you’ve already got it.

Ready to get back in your element? Contact me today for a free sample session.

about me

Angela Migliaccio

I know how it feels to be disconnected deep inside: everything is a struggle. I also know the way to get back in my element and reclaim what belongs to me. I’m here to walk you through the process of uncovering your values and life purpose to find clarity, focus and vision.